NR Payroll Services

Payroll Processing

We process payroll including all calculations of statutory payments, PAYE, NIC and pension contributions among all payroll functions carried out.

Auto Enrolment

We process all aspects of auto enrolment including the setup of pension schemes, assessment and payment of pension contribution.

Pension & PAYE Administration

We calculate tax/NI & pension contributions. We can also set these payments up on your behalf, saving you the hassle.

Court Orders & Attachments of Earnings

We can calculate attachments and court orders. We can also set these payments up on your behalf.

Holiday Management

We can manage and maintain your holiday schemes showing each employee how many holidays they have available on their payslip each period.

BACS Payments

Using our systems, we can set up the BACS payments of your employees’ NET wages; ensuring accuracy and saving you the job.

P60s & Year End

We can process all year end submissions to HMRC and provide P60s to your employees using our Sage Portal.


We can make CIS submissions and reclaim CIS deductions suffered through your PAYE account on.

Sage Portal

We produce employee payslips and P60s through the GDPR-secure Sage Portal. This means that if an employee loses a payslip, they won’t need to come to you for a replacement.

P11d & P46 Car

We are now able to submit P11d and P46 car submissions on behalf of our clients. This means that you are now able to accept more services under one roof.