• Payroll Processing

    We process payroll including all calculations of statutory payments, PAYE, NIC and pension contributions among all payroll functions carried out.

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  • Auto Enrolment

    We process all aspects of auto enrolment including the setup of pension schemes, assessment and payment of pension contribution.

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  • Pension & PAYE

    We calculate tax/NI & pension contributions. We can also set these payments up on your behalf, saving you the hassle.

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  • Court Orders & AOE

    We can calculate attachments of earnings (AOE) & court orders. We can also set these payments up on your behalf.

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  • Holiday Management

    We can manage and maintain your holiday schemes showing each employee how many holidays they have available on their payslip each period.

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  • BACS Payments

    Using our systems, we can set up the BACS payments of your employees’ NET wages; ensuring accuracy and saving you the job.

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  • P60s & Year End

    We can process all year end submissions to HMRC and provide P60s to your employees using our Sage Portal.

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  • CIS

    We can make CIS submissions and reclaim CIS deductions suffered through your PAYE account on.

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  • Sage Portal

    We produce employee payslips and P60s through the GDPR-secure Sage Portal. This means that if an employee loses a payslip, they won’t need to come to you for a replacement.

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  • P11d & P46 Car

    We are now able to submit P11d and P46 car submissions on behalf of our clients. This means that you are now able to accept more services under one roof.

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  • Coronavirus Reclaims

    We are able to assist our clients in calculating and also processing their claims to HMRC through the COVID19 SSP reclaim scheme and also through the COVID19 Job Retention ‚Äúfurlough‚ÄĚ scheme.

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Payroll Services for every business

We pride ourselves on efficient processes meaning that we are able to serve more clients and charge you less. Since our opening in 2016, we have found that businesses tend to see Payroll as a function which interferes with their main activity.

NR Payroll Services will provide you an efficient service at an efficient cost; meaning that you can dedicate more time to what makes your business special and unique.

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  • NR Payroll Services¬†Experience

    Nick Rowe, our Managing Director and Payroll Manager has vast experience in the Payroll business.

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  • NR Payroll Services¬†Efficiency

    We pride ourselves on efficient processes meaning that we are able to serve more clients and charge you less.

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  • NR Payroll Services¬†Quality

    Your workforce want and expect their pay to be right. They’ve worked hard for it. Due to our outstanding techniques, you can rest assured that your employees’ pay will be correct.

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The right choice for modern payroll services

  • First time employer

    In 2020, NR Payroll Services Limited was approached by a first time employer – a Director, wishing to hire staff for the first time. At this point, the client had no idea of the costs of employing people (other than the employee’s hourly rate x the number of hours the employee would be working).

    We were able to supply the client with free information detailing costs they were likely to incur – such as employer’s NI, employer’s pension contributions.

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  • Changing Providers

    In 2021, a new client joined us from a previous payroll provider due to their previous company making continuous and ongoing mistakes when running the client’s payroll. These errors were making the client’s business seem like a “bad place to work” and causing an unnecessary turnover of good staff.

    After joining NR Payroll Services Limited, the client has noted that they are no longer losing staff as a result of pay issues. This means that they are now saving money on recruitment and saving time on interviewing and training new employees.

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  • Why choose us

    We hope to continue to grow over the coming years, reaching out to assist as many businesses as possible. We are aiming for both internal growth and measured expansion (whilst not compromising on the service levels we are known for) and external growth in terms of growing our client base and workload.

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How we can help you

Having worked closely with lots of different types of businesses press the play button above to see how could help you NR Payroll Services Limited.